Two sides of me

Who am I?

Webpage explanation

I decided to do my final webpage about me, for you my teacher to get to know me a little bit better. Webpage is going to consist on two major parts of what I like to do, and what I have been doing with my free time for the pretty much my whole life. These are thing that I am passionate about and that have helped me to go through hard moments in my life, one of the the main reason why I am here in USA.

Information about me

I am a 20 years old college student. I would like to think that I am pretty "normal". I like to hang out with friends, I am worried about my future, but mostly I like to have fun in my free time. I was born and raised in Venezuela, country where spent 18 years until I had to move here to America to continue my future as college athlete. I came here first to Prairie State College, which is a junior college located 30 min away from Chicago in Illinois. I got the opportunity to play tennis for the pioneers for two years, from 2018 until march 2020. In that school I made a lot of friends that I am sure are going to last for my whole life, and a lot of achievements that, such as, winning regionals, winning conference as an undefeated team and qualifying for nationals and getting ranked number 10 in the whole nation.

what am I passionate about?

I am mostly passionate about tennis, tennis has been a great part of my life. I have been playing the sport since I was 8 years old, none stop. It is a very challenging sport. It requires as much as physical strength as mental. Tennis has thought me a lot of valuable lessons in my life. It just something that I personally believe has built me into the person that I am today. I cannot be thankful enough for what tennis has done to me and all the lessons that it has thought me. Another thing that I am passionate about are video games, since I have memory video games have always been present in my life. They have played a great role in my life when it comes to relief stress or to just zoned out all the craziness going on in the world. They are definitely my favorite thing to do on my free time, other than play tennis and work out.