Lourdes University Digital & Media Studies Showcase



Capstones/ Porfolios

Special Projects

Coding Showcase

DMS 381--Intermediate Markup: HTML/CSS

Complexion Changes in Victorian Literature by Noelle Roth (Fall 2020)
Feminist Theory by Lauren Pippin (Fall 2020)
Two Sides of Me by Ulises Barradas (Fall 2020)
Gameography by Kylie Krupp (Fall 2020)

DMS 383--Beginning Programming: JavaScript

Complexion Changes in Victorian Literature--Interactive Data Display by Noelle Roth
Mad Libs Time! by Lauren Pippin
Utility Website: Calendar by Ulises Barradas

Courses Showcase

ENG 351--Media Writing

Students in the Media Writing class worked with professionals at WGTE to produce the docufilm College & Covid the Struggle is Real. Students wrote stories and interviewed Lourdes University faculty and staff regarding the latest updates about COVID-19 from the CDC.

Individual Story Segments

College and COVID: The Struggle is Real (full video)
COVID and Mental Health
COVID and Media
COVID and Education
COVID and Race

ENG 354--Technology and Culture

Technology and Narrative Blog Sites

For this assignment, students watched one season of a show from a different culture that featured prominiently a specific technology. They wrote blogs that explored how the representation of technology influenced narrative elements and demonstrated course concepts.

The 3% [Brazilian] by Lauren Pippin
Ad Vitam [French] by Kylie Krupp
Better Than Us [Russian] by Ulises Barradas
Biohackers [German] by Jack Murphy
Bletchley Circle [British] by Noelle Roth
Humans [British] by Kristen Pohlman
Omniscient [Brazilian] by Noel Barerra
Osmosis [French] by Ryan Waldie
Orphan Black [Canadian] by Alec Thacker
You are Wanted [German] by Chelsea Klotz

Technology and Cultural Discourse Video Assignment

For this assignment, students created composite videos about some aspect of technology and culture and uploaded their work to our class YouTube channel. Use the links below to view individual videos. View the complete playlist here.

The Subculture of Speedrunning by Noelle Roth
Filters by Jack Murphy, Ryan Waldie, and Kynlee Edwards
Social Media, Body Image, and Personal Identity by Lauren Pippin
Phones--History and Culture by Kristin Pohlman
Surveillance Technology and Its Role on People and Government by Noel Barrera
Virtual Reality and Its Cultural Effects by Alec Thacker

Capstone/Portfolio Showcase

DMS 490--Capstone and Professional Portfolio

In their senior year, DMS students create a professional portfolio to display highlights from their work in the program.

Portfolio by Noelle Roth class of 2021

Special Projects Showcase

DMS 300--Intro to Digital and Media Studies (Spring 2020)

The Toledo-Lucas County Public Library recently unveiled a new digital exhibit – "Growing Up in Toledo." Created in collaboration with the Lourdes University Digital and Media Studies Program, the exhibit was produced from data generously provided by the TLCPL Local History and Geneaology Department and researched by students in the University’s Spring 2020 DMS 300: Introduction to Digital and Media Studies class.

The joint project involved six Lourdes student researchers and exhibit contributors from the Lourdes Digital & Media Studies (DMS) class working closely with TLCPL’s Local History and Genealogy department staff members John Dewees, Ed Hill, and Kristel Schetter.

Growing Up in Toledo Digital Exhibit

ENG 405--Shakespeare (Fall 2020)

Students in ENG 405: Shakespeare selected scenes from Richard III, Shakespeare's history play about the devilishly manipulative usurper monarch, and created memes to represent a key element of the plot. Combined, they tell the story of the play in an updated and entertaining way.

Richard III in Memes